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Frequently Asked Questions...

Initially the forum was devised as a place for you to share your transport interests and discuss everything to do with transport in and around South Yorkshire. This forum is an online community for transport users, the general public, workers and enthusiasts to discuss your views on transport in and around South Yorkshire.


Membership of the South Yorkshire Transport Forum is totally free and open to everyone. You are required to register with "Proboards" the forum provider. A valid email address is required to complete registration. Your email address is kept totally private and will not be given to any third party. You have the option of keeping your email address private from other forum members. The staff members has the ability to mass email or private message (pm) forum members. This is done frequently to update the members and tell them what as being going on, on the forum so if you do not wish to receive mass e mails please disable this option in your profile.

Important - You must be 13 years of Age to sign up for membership of this forum - We are constrained by the law. Those members found to be under 13 years will have their membership deleted.

The staff members reserve the right to cancel Membership at any time, and to delete, modify, move or lock any posts made by any members. Although explanation is generally provided when above actions are undertaken, "South Yorkshire Transport Forum" reserve the right to exercise these powers without explanation.

Posts to the forum will not contain any foul or abusive language; young and old view the forum. There will be no personal attacks on any members. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion and this should be respected. Healthy discussion is to be promoted, this is where the greatest learning takes place. Topics posted in the wrong sections will be moved to a more appropriate section.

Blatant advertising on the site will be subject to deletion or ban!

How Long Does is Take For My Password to be Sent Out

When you register with the site you will be sent an email which must be confirmed by clicking the link. Until you have done this you will not be allowed to post under that name on the site.

The confirmation email containing your membership password is generated automatically using the forum provider’s software. It although uses the applicants own email service to send the password confirmation email to the email address you provided on sign up. So if for any reason your email address is not valid or your email service is not working then you will not get this email. Within seconds of you clicking the register box and email will be sent to you (faster if you are on broadband).

Because it is an automated response from a software program a great deal of these email confirmation posts are being directed into the recipients Junk email or spam box. This maybe due to your high spam detection settings or because it is not sent from a named contact in your friends list. If this sounds like a system you have set up - it is as wise to look in the junk email folder first of you email viewing software, whether that be Outlook express, Outlook or other programs such as Hotmail or Yahoo.

Unfortunately you will not appear as a member until you confirm your application by clicking the link that appears on the email and then by placing the random letters it sends you as a password in the password box on the new screen that opens up. Staff Members can change account passwords but only once the account has been activated. (You also can change the password to something more meaningful after the first login.)

Lost Passwords

You will be given a password during the registration process. This is obscure, but must be used when logging into the forum on the first occasion. Your username and password are case sensitive and must be entered exactly to gain access. The admin of the site has the ability to change passwords if you cannot remember yours. If this is the case contact the admin via email requesting a change to your password. This will save you having multiple sign ups and allow for continuous counting of posts.

The time is wrong

When you first log onto the site as a member, you are best advised to go to your profile. Inspect all the options there and change to your hearts desire. Towards the bottom of this page is the time offset box. To get the time to display correctly for where you are in the world. You are required to calculate how many hours the displayed time is out. Generally it is out by 4 to 6 hours. In the box at the side of time enter "+4" if this time shown is showing 4 hours previous to the correct time. Then save the changes, when you enter the main forum the time shown will be correct.

It is a quirk of the system, Admin cannot alter this time globally

If the time is out due to DST time, then you are best advised to go to your profile, towards the bottom of this page is the DST option, if you are currently observing DST then select Yes and if you are not then select No. The time should then appear correct on the forum.

How do I get an image at the side of my name in the forums

There is a choice of images that you can use through your profile page. If you would like to display an alternative image, then firstly you will need a photobucket (or similar web-image hosting) account: http://www.photobucket.com which is free to register and transfers your pictures into url's, tag's and img codes which you can then use on the forum, secondly if you don’t want to do that you can send Admin a message by e mail sending your picture and your username and admin can add it to your profile: Admin e mail address is: admin[@]sy-transport.co.uk. All images must be under 3mb in size.

Make sure when making use of the email address above, remove the brackets and just display the @ symbol between admin and sy-transport.

Can I be a Moderator

Moderators are chosen by the forum Admin. Presently the forum is not looking for any new moderators. At times when new moderators are required, they are selected on merit, contribution to the site and knowledge of transport in South Yorkshire. Applications are not required.